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Having a Ph. Thanks, Chris, for the podcast and your superb book on early developing Hellenistic astrology! But Glenn as well as Aristotle is right about one concept. It makes no sense if a sidereal sign is said to have the same characteristics as the tropical sign of the same name.

This is where sidereal astrologers are missing the boat, because there can be only one set of characteristics or meaning for any small or large segment of the ecliptic influence from stars or otherwise. Thus, any tropical true-to-life observed characteristics must be transplanted to an entirely different sidereal segment. Tropical Aries is not sidereal Aries. Tropical Aries is sidereal Pisces with an entirely different underlying rationale based partly on domicile and triplicity lords; in this case the primary lords for Pisces being Mars triplicity and Jupiter.

The same principle applies to every sign of the zodiac and every tiny segment of the ecliptic. Which set of observed characteristics is stable through the centuries? Tropical or sidereal? I had never heard Rick Levine speak before, what a charming man. Also, it was nice to hear the accent of a fellow New Yorker, it warmed my heart! I will definitely check out his You Tube channel and monthly forecast. A thought provoking discussion with lots of interesting tidbits and community info, but also, it got us thinking about an important question: How should astrologers in differing schools treat each other?

Not only tropical vs siderial, but also traditional vs psychological vs evolutionary and so on. Are we to dismiss traditions other than the one we practice out of hand? How can we disagree, yet at the same time show respect? These are questions that surely bear thought. Since astrology has no universal standards at present, it seems that all we can do is accept with respect contrasting views. Academic people do argue different views, but generally these views are supported by research. Unfortunately astrologers tend to shy away from research studies.

The majority of astrologers counsel others with little or no academic training in counseling. Each astrologer determines his own practices and beliefs. I think we have to accept that astrology at this time is an undisciplined field with multiple views and practices, along with a wide range of education or lack of it for astrologers. To Therese Hamilton: Your point of the importance for training in counseling is well taken! Liz Greene, who in addition to being an astrologer is also a qualified Jungian analyst with a PhD in psychology, tried to address this issue in her Centre for Psychological Astrology by requiring students to undergo at least one year of therapy themselves.

My own view is that training in counseling should be part of the curriculum of any astrologer aspiring to working with other peole on a professional level. Rick is such a voice of reason. He sees both sides.

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Love the comment about astrology being a window — that it is not about how we do it so much as the fact that we do it. The reason I say this is that I firmly believe there is more going on in a reading than the technique one uses — that there is synchronicity and dialogue with the client etc that is critical, that they will hear what they need to hear, and that there is more than both the astrologer an the client in the room so to speak. In a lot of healing arts, and I consider the metaphysical to be healing, people are certified but work differently.

We as the client pick what and who works best with us. Some basic standards and then it is kind of a crap shoot really — hit and miss. This man, Glenn Perry, is just rude and should not be in position that requires diplomacy and even handedness and a scholarly and philosophical approach. Glad Rick redeemed the Americans at least. These conflicts crop up quite often, this incident has been more public and contentious. Often radically different after seeing Sidereal or Tropical Astrologers. This latest manifestation of the chaos might help Astrologers split off more easily into those keen on finding empirical evidence and those disinterested in doing so.

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Ethical arguments are complex in this field, as without evidence you could argue the practice of it is unethical, past lives or not. It is important to make it quite clear to a client it is for the moment a religious supernatural belief. I find him very balanced for an Aries Sun…He sees both sides. Sidereal Pisces lies beneath tropical Aries. Consider that Rick is a lifetime astrologer and teacher, writer, poet, etc.

Also Jupiter is universal, able to understand different viewpoints. So many times tropical Aries can be many-sided or worst case scenario two faced and quick-changing, the underlying sidereal sign. It is this type of behavior that discredits astrologers. Ignorance of the rules of research is the true elephant in the room. It looks to me that Glen Perry mistakes his beliefs for fact.

The truth is that he is pulling a Trump. Both Chris and Rick use up a lot of energy trying to figure Glen out and understand him when I think that this is a waste of time. It sounds to me that Glen is a narcissist which means that he runs on a view of the world that has him at the center and is focused on trying to make the world fit the mold that he desires. A narcissist surrounds himself with a wall of self-reflecting mirrors and does not want to and will no allow in any other point of view to enter his domain. He is doing a Trump and like Trump he only cares about himself.

In terms of Jungian psychopathology this is a classic shadow process. I have found it a waste of time to try to wake someone up from their shadow possession.


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Only their running into fate in some way seems to be able to do this. I have noticed two broad classifications of people that are helpful for understanding their behavior. Then there are others for whom their world is one of multiple realities that can exist side by side with others. The astrological community is primarily one with people who enjoy exploring multiple realities. After all we know that there are at least 12 realities.

Every sign of the zodiac has its own take on the reality of the world, each valid in their own way. Every planet in every sign also has a different reality. The the process goes on and on and on. I have found that people who must live in only one reality are terrified to the point of death of even the hint that there might be a reality other than their own.

To combat this they can become extremely aggressive in suppressing different realities.

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Their aggression can go even to the point of your death if you try to interact with them and make them aware of an alternative point of view or even hold an alternative point of view without bothering them with it. All repressive regimes operate in this fashion. People who require one reality will not come out of their reality to talk to you. You can only interact with them if you crawl into their reality and agree with them. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting only one reality.

Humans had to tolerate very unchanging lives for thousands of years and so there was probably a genetic selection for one reality people. People who complained too much got killed by The Powers That Be or went crazy with boredom or moved to another continent. But now the world is a much different place where the speed and impact of change is growing daily and the one reality people are feeling under more and more threat. I think that this is a lot of what is behind our current political and social divide in the world now.

If you understand that such a process is possible then you are on your way to a Chirotic shift in consciousness. Here are a few podcasts for your listening and learning pleasure. Mary English Astrologer Blog is the name of a podcast where Mary teaches astrology and helps listeners to learn about their own chart. Most of her podcasts are 30—45 minutes long, and there are currently episodes.

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Recent topics include Arabic Parts, relationship analysis of several natal charts, and how the current outer-planet transits are affecting each sign. Gary Caton has been producing Hermetic Astrology Podcast for over a decade. His most recent entry is Venus-Mars in Virgo 3. Tune in as Gary delineates this conjunction in terms of the mythology of the sacred marriage and gives experiential examples how this energy plays out.

Astrology Alchemy podcast offers to minute talks with quotes and poetry at each New and Full Moon. The latest entry is New Moon in Virgo on August 30, I hope you find something that helps to give a great start to the week. Esoteric Astrology , produced by Monadic Media, is a one-hour introduction to the subject with four different speakers, accompanied by graphics and music.

The seven sister stars of the Pleiades and Sirius are also very important in this approach, which considers the long cycles of the evolution of consciousness and, in essence, tries to understand how the soul wants to pattern the nature of consciousness in the life. It is truly the science of relationships; human, planetary, zodiacal and stellar. He includes the traditional and esoteric rulers of each sign, the Rays that are connected to each, and the higher and lower influences within each of the zodiac signs and their respective Rays.

There are many talks and videos of the late Jungian psychologist James Hillman — on the web some uploaded from the Intellectual Deep Web. We play the mind game of opposites — red or blue states, religion or science, winning or losing — and fail to find a third way. Searching out the meaning of the symptom might release us from this stalemate.

On-the-ground community building, voting and governing the government, Hillman believes, could help us reclaim an Earth-based culture and more decentralized society from our stalemated, empire-building nation. This is audio only. Everything truly terrifying about it is being laid on the table of collective consciousness. The author looks at the chart for the time of the call to law enforcement and the natal charts — with asteroids — for the two adults involved. Another article at the same website is on the recent Boeing plane crashes.

There is also a horary section where the astrologer employs methods from Guido Bonatti and William Lilly. Uranus can be our saviour, our liberator from past mistakes. It awakens a more radical knowing enabling us to recalibrate the future and create a sustainable world to replace a dysfunctional one. March — April Uranus in Taurus. Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for April is 55 minutes long. The long wait in the deep fog is over and the cosmos is letting us proceed. In this minute video, Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology delineates the major transits for April She looks back in U.

This is a minute presentation. Marina at Darkstar Astrology uploads videos frequently. She includes fixed stars and decans in her work. Her thoughts on the signs are time-stamped, so you can go right to whatever sign or signs are of interest. Nadiya Shah is a much-loved astrology web pioneer. March Astrology Horoscope. It incorporates ideas from many other systems of astrology, some of which are ancient and some of which are also modern.

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For those following or obsessing with the U. For an impeccable introduction to a timing technique used in Vedic astrology, The Vimshottari Dasha System in Vedic Astrology is a 1 hour minute interview by Chris with Freedom Cole. Along with calculations and interpretive tips, Freedom gives simple ways to start integrating vimshottari dashas into the study and practice of anyone e. There are also links to free software. As with the vimshottari dasha, the free web calculation sites are amazing and simple to use.

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The total lunar eclipse will have just passed when you read this. It was exact on Sunday night at p. PST and Monday morning a. Some honest self-appraisal can help you discern if this is the case: are your emotions at this time new to you, swirling you up into a storm of activity you may later regret, or are they familiar but louder and more insistent, demanding, finally, to have their say? But we walk it step by step, with every breath we take, every penny we spend, every thought we think and decision we make. The North Node in Cancer reminds us we do not act in a vacuum nor live in a consequence-free world.

The ripple effect is alive and kicking and we must now, more than ever before, consider deeply the many waves we create. No astrology here, this minute video is in the Science and Technology category and is a good place to refresh your understanding of the physical features of eclipses.

Another visual presentation of the astronomy of the total lunar eclipse is this 5-minute video produced by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and demonstrated by a woman using globes and lights to show the different phases. It is 14 minutes long and focuses on integrating the energy after the eclipse. Enjoy yourselves, have a good week — and on this day when we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The mega-site Astrodienst , widely used for calculating charts, also offers a very active Forum for discussions. You need to register as a Forum member to comment, or just browse and read.

Threads include Horary, Mundane and Political, In-depth chart discussion, Other branches of astrology e.

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Astrodienst also posts articles from The Astrological Journal. War, fire and pestilence? The author discusses this overlooked ingress chart, in a journey through past centuries up to the current — phase. Readers, take heart. The proximity of Venus and the dignity of Saturn ruling Capricorn symbolise the strong possibility of institutional agreements that can foster peace, even against the background of nuclear threats and climate change.

The Mundane section has the birth incorporation date for Paradise. I did not spend a lot of time here, but enough to see that a sophisticated level and variety of astrological techniques are shared herein, as well as an up-to-date resource for data. Glorija Lawrence is a Cosmobiologist, the form of astrology popularized by Reinhold Ebertin — , Doris Greaves — , and others. This approach employs a degree dial and no house systems, but uses midpoints, solar arcs, and other methods of prediction.

Glorija Lawrence is a very good teacher; she was mentored by Doris Greaves and was her assistant on a tour of the United States in the s. This is a good place to start if you are new to the subject, as she very clearly takes the reader through the method. Here is another quote from her work. However, if we look at the September Ingress cast for 22nd September, it casts a very different picture with a lot of volatility in the chart. Starlight News , the long-running political blog by Nancy Sommers, also has a very active discussion thread.

We are currently in the final and protracted period of the intensified potency of this transit, from mid-September to January 9, This transit points to a just under three-year period of US leadership the Sun being dishonest, emotionally susceptible to hyperbole, and projecting an illusory narrative that tends to enthrall a segment of the populace until ultimate disillusionment sets in. Reality is hidden under a fog of lies, deceptions, and unrealistic expectations.

Her assessments are warm-hearted and encouraging. Enjoy yourselves … these few days mark the once-everyyears conjunction of Jupiter with the Sun in Sagittarius — exact late on November 25 in U. Pacific time. And though it is fraught with more than the usual tenderness Neptune inherent at the Sun—Moon conjunction, it is also aided by a great wave of support from the invisible depths of all the worlds, to assist us with the work at hand Jupiter sextile Pluto.

The energy of this lunation is accessible for at least the next few weeks, and I decided to linger over its possibilities and track them with a bit more attention. Embodied Astrology is written by Renee Sills, the daughter of an astrologer. Saturn has just recently turned direct, and Uranus continues its retrograde through the early degrees of Taurus. In Virgo, they both function to stimulate our minds. We seek to categorize and differentiate. Go out under the dark cool night, with a piece of paper and green pen.

Bring a green candle and set it on the ground in front of you. Stare into the flame, feeling its warm energy fill your heart with golden light. Feel your body against the ground, feeling supported and loved. When you are finished, read the list out loud, directing it towards the fire.