Shankh yoga vedic astrology

Here, since we are dealing with Bhadra Yoga, Mercury, planet qualities will be imparted to native personality which are intelligence, quick mind, logical thinking, good reflexes, attractive personality etc.

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These kind of Rajyoga are the direct result of some really good karma from past lives which enables one to get such placements. As we all know Kendra houses are the pillars of any chart. You can compare them to the base of a building and the whole horoscope revolves around them. These houses deal with our basic needs of life. Though Trines are also important, but not all are very lucky or spiritual which comes under the domain of 5th and 9th house, but still, our daily life comes under Kendra houses.

In simple words, Kendra houses are like the skeleton of your horoscope. In simple words, Kendra houses are like the Heart a horoscope. The person born with Bhadra Yoga at birth will be a king, a high political or government dignitary respected by good people. He will possess sharp intellect and will have a good sense of humor. Also, it is noted that Bhadra Yoga natives have a distinctive nose.

Following points should be checked before giving Judgement on Bhadra Yoga. Bhadra Yoga works very well for Gemini and Virgo ascendant natives where Mercury is the ascendant lord.


It is formed when Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are placed together or in the Kendra houses. This yog is formed when either an aspect or a relation occurs between these auspicious planets. The person whose Kundli has this yog gets blessings from Devi Saraswati, the goddess of learning. The person receives fame in arts, music, creativity and studies and also earns from them. Nripa yog, the name itself suggests that the person having this yog in his Kundli will lead the life of a king.

This yog is formed when three or more planets are in an exalted position.

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  7. Chhatra yog gives a person constant progress throughout his life. The person achieves a high status. This yog is formed when every planet in the kundali is placed between the fourth to the tenth house or vice versa. When there are two planets placed in at least three houses, and one planet placed in at least three houses then the auspicious yog called the Nanda yog is formed. A person's whose Kundli has this yog gets a healthy and long life. As the name shows this yoga makes the person fully comfortable. Person having this yoga in horoscope get Monetary power as well as social status easily.

    He enjoys all the pleasures in Life. When Jupiter is placed in 8th place from the birth lagna or birth zodiac sign then shakat yoga forms in Horoscope or kundli.

    Shankh Yog, Bheri Yog

    This yoga is not good, person having this yoga makes a person dissatisfied. Inspite of having the trust of honorable members and working with them they are not satisfied. They remain concerned chintit , poor and suffers an unknown problems. If Moon Sun is present with moon or sun resides in 4th or 10th place from the moon then adham yoga forms in horoscope or kundli. Person having this yoga are polite, intelligent and wealthy but inspie of this their achievements are overlooked or ignored due to this dissatisfaction arises. But exception is this that if moon sits with its positive planets or viewed by jupiter then this yoga don't form.

    Yogas for Success and Fame in Life

    If Jupiter is present in 7th or 10th place from the moon and if moon is viewd by healthy mercury budh or venus then gajkesari yoga forms in horoscope or kundli. This Yoga makes a person happy, honourable, intelligent. They become famous because of their good behavious and intelligency. If Positive or good planets sits with moon or if good planets are present in lagna or 10th place from the moon then amla yoga forms. This yoga makes a person Reputed, famous, philantrhorpic paropkaari , kind hearted, benignant sahriday and wealthy.

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    If No Planets are present in 7th and 8th Place then parvat yoga forms in horoscope or kundli. Because of this yoga person is of joyful nature, having independent thought, expert, politician, successful writer and famous.


    This yoga also forms if the master of 4th and 10th place is placed in mooltrikon or with it's own zodiac sign. This type of person take interest in politics and make career in this field. They are good oretor, mighty,courageous. They may become diplomat. This yoga forms in the following cases : If the master of lagna is strong and the master of 5th and 6th place are present in any center place. Master of 9th place is strong and the master of 10th place is with aries,cancer, libra or capricorn. This type of person live long life, happy,lucky,philanthropic,gentleman and are able to become minister.

    A person haivng this yoga are efficient in many arts, good oretor, very intelligent, awarded in society and state. Bheri Yoga forms in 2 cases 1 if the master of 9th place is strong and all the planets present in 1st,2nd,7th and 12th place of horoscope or kundli 2 Masster of 9th place is strong and master of lagna , jupiter and venus present in any of the center place then bheri yoga forms in horoscope or kundli. Lagna Lord Jupiter and 5th Lord Mars aspect 10th house. The 9th lord Saturn is in 7th house, and the 10th lord Jupiter is in Lagna. Both aspect each other. The 10th lord Jupiter aspects 9th house and 9th lord.

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    The Yoga result has given him political success. As from Lagna the 9th lord Saturn is also lord of 8th, he had to face many ups and downs in his political career. Yogakarka and 9th lord Venus is in 9th house itself. This planetary position has made him a successful, wealthy and famous Cinema Actor of Bollywood. Venus gets Neechabhanga being with exalted Mercury.

    He has enjoyed great success in life. There is Gajkesari Yoga. The aspect of 5th lord Mercury, 9th lord Venus and 2nd and 11th lord Jupiter on 2nd house face and speech has been instrumental in his success in films. As the DKRY occurred in 8th house, he also had to face serious physical and financial set-backs in life.

    The combination is aspected by Jupiter located in 8th house, and also by Ketu from 6th house. The conjunction of powerful 9th and 10 th lord in 12th house did confer high status and fame to him after great struggle, and he had to face secret opposition from own party colleagues against further rise.